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The girl called Kairi: Personality & Appearence
Kairi’s eyes have stayed the same blue as they’ve always been, though she’s grown her reddish-brown hair down to her shoulders. Around her neck is the same old necklace (a small stone). She’s adopted the same useless-zipper sort of style as Sora, wearing a strapless pink dress over a white tank top, the main zipper undone just a bit. The two on the side are for decoration. The dress ends half way down her thighs, and around the waist is a thin, black belt, and a black pouch at her side with a small purple ribbon around it. Her left wrist has three bands around it: a white-ish one, pale green, and blue.

Her shoes aren’t as bulky anymore – a nice, comfortable size. They’re a light purple for the most part, with some white accents, and the bottoms are black. Above her ankles are a black strings tied around.

Alternatively, she wears her school uniform around, which consists of a white top, blue skirt, and matching blue tie.

Personality-wise, Kairi has a big heart. She's cares for everyone unless they give her a blatant reason not to, like trying to use her against her friends or something so annoying like that. But just because she has that big heart doesn't mean that she's weak; she can and will defend herself in any way she can, which she got from growing up playing around the group of boys. Kairi is also very high spirited and tries to always stay optimistic (something she probably got that from Sora.) She would do anything to protect or help her friends, and that can be her greatest strength or her worst weakness.

The girl called Kairi: History
Unknown to her friends for quite awhile, Kairi grew up in Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden) where her grandmother use to often tell her stories that made her into a bigger dreamer with each one. When Kairi was still young, she showed up on Destiny Islands and quickly managed to get into the lives of Sora and Riku and become their friend. Spending so much time with them, Kairi slowly forgot her old home and came to think of Destiny Islands as her true one.

Kairi and her friends had their adventures on the island, but they wanted to experience more, so they set out to build a raft to go out and explore. It was that night that a dark storm brewed and took her away from the island - the last thing she remembered was her home and then there was darkness. The next time she awoke, everything was pulling together, including her past. Princess of Heart. Being sent away from home because of Ansem and another one of his experiments. Kairi's heart was locked away into Sora and he sacrificed himself to give hers back and became a Heartless. But Kairi saw past it and knowing better, saved Sora from the engulfing darkness and brought him back to them. She later was brought to Traverse Town and stayed in the old house, giving away her good luck charm to Sora with the high-hopes that he better bring it back to her, or else, and there she waited for his return.

She found Sora again when the worlds began to rebuild themselves and their landmasses were separating and she could hardly even squeeze in a goodbye, but the promises were there - I'm always with you too, I'll come back to you, I promise! And then she was alone, standing on the beach of Destiny Islands, collapsing back into the sand as the last bit of the world pieced itself back together.

Now she works on settling back into her life on the islands; a normal, Heartless-free life. After what felt like a short time, fifteen-year old Kairi fell ill for several days, later waking up as though she was forgetting something, but everyone she spoke to said that nothing was wrong. So again, Kairi returned to life, with an uncertainty about the places and people around her.

The mun behind the girl
Kairi is played by Heather, more commonly (as of late) known as 'Spish.'

The journal's layout is done by [profile] introject.

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